The Kernels Story

Kernels Gourmet Popcorn originated from the dream and determination
of three sisters raised in Nashville, TN. Growing up the sisters always got a popcorn tin for Christmas from their mom and dad (awww). This became a tradition for the coming years,
until their local popcorn shop closed. When they got older they moved to different cities.
One sister, Jennifer, moved to Chicago for a while (brrrrrrr...). Another sister, Amber, moved to
New York for 2 years to pursue her dreams of acting & modeling
How’d that go you ask? Let’s just say she’s making popcorn now!
One year all three sisters were in Chicago for Christmas break sitting around casually talking
and Jennifer suggested that the family open a popcorn shop in Nashville. Amber was taken by
this idea and immediately started to imagine what this could grow into!
In 2008 Amber, moved back to Nashville, where Jennifer, Erica (the third coattail riding sister)
and the rest of the family already lived and started Kernels Gourmet Popcorn!

The rest is history in the making…

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Sisters Amber, Erica and Jennifer
Celebrating 9-Years and Counting...